Utilising influence from several stylistics inspirations, Brookvale Union has created distinctly unique and quirky branding that is instantly recognizable. Although each of their product feature different imagery in wild and whacky formats, you can instantly recognize the source. Whole heartedly embracing their slogan 'Quality Nonsense', this brand takes a laid back approach to life by 'having fun for funs sake' and 'having fun the greatest way you possibly can'. That's why they keep the silliness of their bright designs on the outside, and sacrifice nothing for real quality on what's inside their cans. All Brookvale Union wants from the brand is something for pure entertainment with no strategy, no hidden meaning, no persuasive imagery just exceptional taste, ingredients and production.

Brookvale Union launched off the back of parent brewery 4 Pines with their ginger beer. This drop took Aussies by storm and quickly leaped to the #1 go to ginger beer for many drinkers and arguably paved the way for the 'near to beer' campaign from other breweries that followed. Following the success off the back of the ginger beer, Brookvale launched a spiced rum premix blended with that sweet ginger goodness. 2019 saw the launch of the alcoholic iced tea with the influx of Americanised ready to drink beverages during the seltzer in Australia origin story. In 2021 they released the infamous Lemon Lime and Bitters cans that were that red hot they disappeared from months due to the insane demand. Bringing us to 2022 - the release of the much anticipated Brookvale Union Low Sugar Ginger Beer. Where can you buy this? Obviously Liquor Legends! If you're craving a trimmer take on the loveable Brookvale Union Ginger Beer grab a case this weekend!

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