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 4 Pines Stout Bottle 24X330ML
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4 Pines Stout Bottle 24X330ML

(PLU #7430)

Product Details

4 Pines Nitro Stout is nitro powered. Flip it, pour it hard. Let it settle, relax & enjoy!

Tasting Notes

A dry Irish style stout, presenting almost black & bearing a generous tan head. Aromas of coffee, chocolate & caramel are matched with a full bodied mouthfeel, a smooth finish & rounding bitterness.

4 Pines Brewing Company offers great flavour sensations through variety, quality craftsmanship, natural ingredients & traditional, time honoured techniques - no short cuts!

Fresh is best! eggs are for sitting on, beer is not. Age your cheese, your wine, your dad jokes but don't age your beer. Don't keep it in your pocket & save it for a rainy day & don't keep it in the sock drawer where no one will find it. You don't age bread (Also made of barley), you eat it steaming, straight out of the oven.
Drink beer fresh, go back, get some more & drink that fresh too. There are very few beer styles that improve with age & aging beer is best done in barrels or casks that allow complex flavours to infuse & develop. They're almost always styles with high alcohol & a low dependence on hop aroma, such as barley wines. Beer is tasty, just drink it. Fresh is best!