Bloke In A Bar is not only a stinging beer for a hot day, it's also a popular online hub and podcast featuring all the need to know details of the latest footy matches. The face behind the bloke is Denan Kemp - formal NRL player and all round sport expertise with a solid understanding of internet meme culture.




Bloke In A Bar is brewed with Denan Kemp's mindset in mind - an easy drinking, session-able lager made by your mates, for your mates. This crisp beer is made with mild hops and only from the finest natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavours. What's more exciting than that? The New Bloke In A Bar Middy! That same classic flavour you know and enjoy, now available in a mid-strength!


And Liquor Legends have it here first! Shout your mates a couple tinnies of the new drop this weekend.