You are going to want to keep Friday 4th June free in your calendars, because Burleigh Brewing Co is back with another Keg jump that you do not want to miss!

What is the Burleigh Keg Jump?

The Burleigh Keg Jump event was the first brewery skate comp Launched at Burleigh Brewing Co. and made to be the biggest celebration of craft beer and skateboarding. So you know you can come here to celebrate world class craft beers and "Go Skateboarding Day" in the most Legendary way possible.

What can you expect this year?

Only the best street skateboarders from around Australia going for a massive prize pool of cash and beer. Burleigh Keg Jump will set up in front of the warehouse tanks in the Taphouse and showcase a best trick obstacle course. The main event will follow, which is the Burleigh Keg Jump with the winning skateboarder clearing and landing the highest number of Burleigh beer kegs. 

The Burleigh Keg Jump is partnered with Slam Skateboarding Magazine and The Skateboarders Journal.

Why you should be here

Not only will you have some awesome skateboarders showcasing their Legendary skills, but there will also be live music, an after party going until late, Burleigh Eats and more!

You do not want to miss out!


Tickets go on sale Friday 13th May 2022 - so register at the official site here for exclusive early access!

About Burleigh Brewing Co

Since 2006, Burleigh Brewing Co has been an ever-growing team of more than fifty. It has also been a brand that has been winning countless awards for both business and brewing.

Burleigh Brewing Co has helped transform the Gold Coast's independent craft brewing scene into one of the most vibrant and thriving in Australia.

The Brewery

Everything from the brewing, fermenting, maturing, filter, bottling, canning etc. is all done at the Burleigh Heads Brewery.

Using carefully selected ingredients, labour over the recipes and everything that goes into making the perfect beer, Burleigh Heads Brewery is dedicated to the craft of beer making.

You can taste the quality and work that has gone into the beers. With the flavour and stability in every bottle, you can find these to be the perfect sessionable beer around the BBQ or on the beach.

Burleigh Bighead

If you are a carb conscious drinker, then the Burleigh Bighead is the beer for you.

The Burleigh Bighead is a 100% natural full-strength beer that is full flavoured while boasting a clean, crisp taste. Enjoy this guilt free with zero carbs and 88 calories per bottle. But don't worry, this beer still packs a punch. Made with malted barley, German Hops, yeast and water, this beer is non-pasteurised, Vegan-friendly and Lactose-free.

Enjoy a bottle with any meal, the Burleigh Bighead isn't fussy and will go with anything! Try this Bighead with a hearty pub lunch or a French delicacy. 

Either way, you are going to have a good session in every bottle.


Burleigh Twisted Palm

The Twisted Palm is an easy drink where you can find yourself enjoying tropical aromas and characters of orange, mango and papaya.

This beer is as laid-back as a day in the sun on the beach with your best mate, and you can count on Twisted Palm to be there as well. This is the inspiration behind this laid back, tropical brew of malted barley, tropical hops, yeast and water. This is an easy beer to enjoy knowing that there is no sugar, no preservatives, it's non-pasteurised, vegan friendly and lactose free.

Pair a bottle of paradise with your favourite seafood to get the full-effect of tropicana.