Winesmiths Premium Selection Chardonnay Cask 2LT
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Winesmiths Premium Selection Chardonnay Cask 2LT

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In 1849 a young man by the name of Samuel Smith, with a passion for horticulture, purchased 30 acres of land in the newly settled Angaston. He planted a vineyard and an orchard, which grew to bear fruit and his family prospered. 170 years of winemaking and horticulture later, the elm trees he planted still overlook Smith’s original garden and his great-great-grandson continues the family tradition of winemaking, horticulture and craftsmanship. Five generations of Winesmiths have created this timeless range of premium cask wines.

Tasting Notes

A delicate fruity aroma on the nose with bright peach and melon flavours.

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