Hahn has been producing premium Aussie beers for the last 3 decades. Beginning in 1988 by Dr Charles Hahn himself, the brewery started in an old factory site in the suburb of Camperdown in Sydney, New South Wales. Originally starting as solely premium beers, the recession brought about a new public need for beer that tasted great, but didn't break the bank - and Hahn delivered. Over the years the Hahn range has grown to include Hahn Superdry, Hahn Superdry 3.5 for the mid-strength lovers, Hahn Premium Light for the lighter lovers and Hahn Ultra Crisp for those chasing a lower carb or gluten free alternative. And for those itching for more of what they love - Hahn Superdry is now available in a 30 pack! Almost an extra can for every day of the week .

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