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Berri Crisp Dry White Cask 5LT

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Established in 1922, Berri Estates has a long and successful history in the Australian wine industry and now is the number 1 brand by volume* in Australia with over 1.87 million 9Le sold annually. Berri Estates offers a diverse range of products including Australia’s largest selling single SKU by volume; Berri Estates Fresh Dry White**.

Our Crisp Dry White is made from carefully selected parcels of white to create a fresh, crisp and flavoursome white that is easy drinking. South Eastern Australia has a climate well suited for growing number of different vines, with warm summer days and plenty of sunshine allowing full fruit flavours and sugars to develop. This year we had an optimum ripening season, with warm days and cool nights allowing superlative flavour development.

Tasting Notes

A light fruity white wine with flavours of ripe melon and citrus. Best served chilled and enjoyed with grilled chicken and spring green vegetables.

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