Penfolds Max's Rose

Penfolds Max's Rose is a tribute to the former Chief Winemaker Max Schubert who was noted as legendary within Penfolds history. Within his role which spanned 1948-1975, Schubert paved the way for excellence to those who followed and grew the status and heritage of Penfolds while he was at it. Max fell in love with drinking Rose during one of his first trips to Europe and thus, Max's Rose holds all the hallmarks of a well-balanced, bright young Rose to pay tribute to this. This Rose features tastes as intriguing as Max himself - white pepper, wild white strawberries, Cara navel oranges and jasmine blossom. On the palate, this wine sips as smooth as talcum powder and the balances of flavour make it a great crows pleaser and summer go to. The latest release of this bottle in 2021 was celebrated by grape growers and winemakers alike across South Australia as the growing season was the coolest seen in years - slowing the final stages of ripening which resulted in optimal flavour development.

Headline Acts Rose

Headline Acts bring the party to you - no matter what the mood is. These guys have curated exclusive Spotify playlists to define or enhance whatever the vibe may be. Headline Acts Rose features lively raspberry notes on the palate, compliment with vibrant red apple and subtle citrus zest to bring in a long, well-balanced finish. The finish on this drop is crisp and satisfying - recommended for a sunset soiree and pairs well will mellow chill music as suggested. As a young brand, the only vintage in this series is 2021, although similarly Max's was an excellent year for vineyards. The flavour palate on this Rose are subtle but not to be dismissed, the fruitiness of Headline Acts lasts till the last drop and it sits well as a mediator between dry Rose and sweet rose - making it an excellent entry point for someone hoping to delve into Rose for the first time.

Jacobs Creek Le Petite Rose

Jacobs Creek Le Petite Rose is a refreshingly light French-style Rose using a modern Australian approach. This delicate blend features a premium selection of fruit including blocks of Pinot Noir, Grenache and Mataro - bringing tastes of vibrant varietal flavours and a lovely textural, chalky acidity leading into a soft but restrained finish on the palate. This Rose is both restrained and well balanced leaving savoury and vibrant fruit flavours lingering after finishing. The blend is aromatic on the nose with hints of red current and spice, making it a perfect accompaniment to any light savoury dishes like charcuterie, seafood, salad or pasta. This drop has obtained several awards over its time with 2018 being its best year where it was awarded gold in the Royal Adelaide Wine Show, The Korea Wine Challenge and the Drinks Business Asian Rose Masters. 

Forester Rose

Fruit for this Rose was sourced from neighbouring properties in the northern Yallingup sub-region of the Margaret River. The 2020 vintage was a warmer year for the region which allowed plenty of time during the early year for fruit to ripen to Forester's specification. Forester Rose features a blend of 3 different grape varieties - 57% Shiraz, 38% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Merlot, leaving it with a soft salmon hue in appearance. This Rose features a light, creamy textures with flavours of strawberry, cranberry, dried flowers and a hint of spice leading into its soft finish. The aromas are bright and clean with notes of strawberry, cream, florals and an underlying nougat complexity. Best paired with light dining cuisines such as summer salads, cheeses and cured meats. Forester Rose has achieved a total of 15 awards so far for this blends with notable mentions being  Gold in the 2020 Perth Royal Wine Awards, Silver in the Perth Royal Wine Awards in 2021 & 2017 and Silver in the Wine Show of Western Australia in 2021.

Madam Sass Rose

Madam Sass pays homage to the heroines from Central Otago's gold rush era where women lived their live with daring indulgence and relished taking risks. These women were anti- establishment and its this attitude that fuels the gutsy image behind Madam Sass. Bendigo, Central Otago is where the fruit for this Rose was sourced, and is a renowned location for vibrant dark fruit flavours and finely tuned acidity. The soil in this area is rich in minerals from glaciers grinding schist rocks into smaller gravels over time which has developed free draining soil - creating a perfect location for vineyards. This Rose has notes of fresh, juicy summer berries, stone fruit flavours and strawberries with a crisp but slightly sweet finish. This Rose is light on the palate and makes a perfect starting point for someone wanting to explore Rose. 

Taylors Pinot Noir Rose

Taylor's wines are produced in Adelaide Hills - a picturesque winemaking region with history spanning more than 150 years, making it one of the oldest wine producing regions in Australia. The key to this region's success is the unique combination of geography, climate and geology actually results in terrane that is perfect for producing premium vineyards and their wine. This rose has lifted fruity aromas of fresh strawberries and raspberries with notes of juicy watermelon and a faint musk on the finish. Floral accents feature heavily with rose petal and carnation playing nicely beside the vibrant salmon pink appearance of the wine. This medium bodied wine has an enjoyable soft-textured mid palate with enough acidity to maintain its refreshing side, making it a perfect accompaniment to lighter style dishes and warmer weather.

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