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SKYY Fused Soda & Squeezed Lime 24 Pack 330mL

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Product Details

SKYY FUSED Soda & Squeezed Lime is a fresh and zesty, lightly sparkling vodka drink. It combines the sharp citrus hit of fresh lime flavour and effervescence of the finest soda water, to deliver a contemporary classic.

Tasting Notes

We know what you're thinking...

Here's another sickly sweet premix that will coat my mouth with sugar and regret. Well think again. Fused by Skyy is a carefully considered fusion of ingredients and flavours mixed with premium Skyy Vodka for a sweet-sour sensation that is delightfully refreshing.

Try our homestyle lemonade & bitters for the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Go on, let us show you what we're not.

  • Style High
  • Alcohol Content 6%
  • Standard Drinks 25.6
  • Brand Skyy
  • Region Of Origin Melbourne
  • Country Of Origin Australia
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