Tails Cocktails are on a mission to bring premium cocktails to the everyday consumer's home - minus the trip to the bar. These guys boast an exclusive pre-batched range with all the flavour, effort and complexity of the real deal without any of the needed know how.


Fuelled with a vision of creating high-quality cocktails more accessible to a wider audience, Tails began in 2010, London. Although the name sounds like a snappy shortening of 'cocktail', the name 'Tails' and its feather symbol were actually inspired by the 1779 story of the inception of cocktails themselves - well, the oldest story documented. A small tavern used to stir mixed alcoholic drinks with rooster feathers, and decorate them with colourful, earthy garnishes. These then became known as cock-tails to celebrate the rooster's feathers. 

Each one of Tail's crafty concoctions is blended with high quality, top-shelf spirits that we all know, love and already purchase -  42 Below Vodka and Bombay Sapphire Gin. To make it even better, they're also just everyday cocktails you're already familiar with (so nothing crazy off the menu that you have to google while no one's looking). 

So save yourself the hassle this weekend and throw a Tails in the shaker!