During the Regency-era London, John and Joseph Vickers created a drink of exceptional refinement and purity. The distillery was first registered in 1813 and the company, J & J Vickers & Co. set up in 1824. The brothers operated as the master distillers on the Thames River in Stoney Street, London.

It wasn't until Vickers was first exported to Australia in the early 1930's and then made under license in Geelong, Victoria by the early 1940s. The current gin recipe has continued to be inspired by the original recipe while all generations have continued seeking out Vicker's Gin for its sophisticated dimension in refreshment.

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Vickers Purple Gin

Grab yourself this modern twist! Vickers Purple Gin is distilled to crystal clarity and blended with blackcurrant flavours. Enjoy this gin with a tonic and garnished with berries for an extra burst of flavour.

Vickers Purple gin is available instore at your Local Legends, and online for click and collect or delivery. Reward Yourself with something a bit different and a little boujee from the backyard.