Vok put themselves on the map in 2002, establishing themselves as an independently owned and operated alcohol company and has sky rocketed ever since. Bets on you have a bottle of Vok Schnapps in the cupboard or at the very least a little Triple Sec. Vok are those iconic liqueurs that have become a staple in every household. Vok stems from their sister company Brickford's Australia which formed in 1974 - both of which carrying the same beliefs of producing outstanding, quality beverages. Today, not only does Vok absolutely kill it in the liqueur game, they also own a highly impressive and award winning portfolio of brands across wine, spirits, cider and ready to drink products. Which is a perfect segway into their brand new line of canned cocktails. Yeah you've seen cocktails, you've even seen CASKED cocktails, but now Vok's also bringing a whole line up of carefree cocktails to make you care less about actually making one.

Vok Fruit Tingle is the new hot little number on the block - featuring that signature Vok Blue Curacao which packs both a flavour punch and brings with it that all too familiar blue colour. Don't let the colour throw you, this liqueur embodies tropical flavours from the Caribbean resembling orange flavours of dried orange peels found on the Island of Curacao. Next in the line up we have a splash of vodka and a little hit of grenadine which brings out those sweet sweet flavours of pomegranate and a little tartness of lemon. Finally to bring it all together is a little soda water on top. This bevvy brings all the sweet goodness together to tingle the fruity flavours across your taste buds. Sounds like a lot of work going into a cocktail right? Wrong babe. Vok Fruit Tingle does all the heavy lifting for you in their carefully curated canned cocktails. No fuss - all yes. Simply crack and enjoy.

Scrap the bar cart, the cocktail shaker and the inevitable disappointment when it doesn't taste the same as that time you got it at that one bar 2 years ago. Reward Yourself to a cheeky 4 pack of Vok Fruit Tingle this weekend!

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