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Rawson Shiraz Cabernet 750ML

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Product Details

Aromatic and flavoursome, Rawson's Retreat Shiraz Cabernet is loaded with dark fruit notes with firm, rounded tannins in a plush palate. Full-bodied and lengthy, savour the mouthcoating goodness with each sip of this red beauty. Great for celebrations, dinner parties, or a quiet night in. Enjoy on its own or have it with barbeque and hard cheeses.

Tasting Notes

A deep red wine which gives a good depth of colour. Dark cherries and Satsuma plums dominate the aromatics with whiffs of sweet cinnamon spice. Rich dark fruits concentrate and spread across the tongue instantly. Firm but rounded tannins add structure and plushness to the palate. Medium to full bodied with mouth filling sweet ripe fruit and exceptional length of flavour.

  • Style -
  • Alcohol Content 13.5%
  • Brand Penfolds
  • Region Of Origin Australia

Penfolds has had its success driven by generations of visionaries and innovators. From its start in 1844 to today, science, art and innovation came together to drive Penfolds to become one of Australia's most famed and respected winemakers.

With the success of early sherries and fortified wines, Dr Christopher and Mary Penfold planted the vine cuttings they carried on their way over here to Australia.

Dr Penfold's medical reputation grew alongside the company, with Mary running the winery. With early Clarets and Rieslings gaining popularity, and Christopher passing, Mary assumed complete responsibility for the winery, which helped Penfolds see years of determination and endeavour.

The rest is history.

Today, despite its great success, Penfolds doesn't rest. Celebrating their 170th anniversary, Penfolds continues to hold dear the philosophies and legends.

1844 to Evermore!

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