null Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Bottle 40% ABV 1L
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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Bottle 40% ABV 1L

(PLU #5615)

Product Details

This is the soul of American whiskey. Its distinct and unique taste comes from refining mellowing the freshly distilled whiskey drop by drop through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal. The distilled whiskey is then matured in American Oak barrels hand-made by Jack Daniel''s themselves. The only major distiller in the world to make their own barrels. Each batch is made from marrying 170 barrels from all levels of the barrel houses to achieve consistent colour and taste. Interesting fact - every drop of the world's biggest selling whiskey comes from a single source, Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Tasting Notes

Well-rounded and balanced whiskey with vanilla and toasted oak notes and a medium body.

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