null Monkey Shoulder  Blended Malt Whisky 700mL
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Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Whisky 700mL

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Product Details

Monkey Shoulder is created by William Grant & Sons, an award winningfamily-run company that's been making Scotch whisky since 1887. Expert blenders marry small batches of different single maltwhiskies to bring great scotch to a new generation of whisky drinkers. Rooted in malt whisky history, and inspired by our malt men who stillturn the malting barley by hand, 'Monkey Shoulder' is a 'triple' malt scotch whisky blended from three of Speyside's finest single malts using batches of just 27 casks for a smoother, richer taste

Tasting Notes

A delightful nose of sherry, cinnamon baked pear, butterscotch, barley, strawberry and Bourbon vanilla which are all complemented by tangy, sweet nut, citrus, mint, oak and orange peel flavours.

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