Suntory -196 Double Lemon Can 6% 4X330ML
RTD   /   Vodka  /  High ABV

Suntory -196 Double Lemon Can 6% 4X330ML

(PLU #93308)
$ 22
99 each

Product Details

-196 Double Lemon is made from Shochu, Vodka, soda and lemon, and uses Suntory’s unique Freeze Crush Technology™ that freezes and crushes real fruit to capture every bit of all-natural lemon flavour. With only 0.3 grams of sugar and 110 calories per can, -196 it the perfect drink option to kick start your night out.

Tasting Notes

-196 has a light, refreshing flavour: double lemon flavour hit, providing a vibrant lemon fizz, followed bu a smooth finishing of refreshing crisp soda.

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