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Finlandia Cranberry 700ML

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Product Details

When tasting Finlandia Cranberry, you will experience the sweet, crisp essence of the cranberries, a hint of citrus zest and smooth, clean Finlandia Vodka.
- All-natural cranberry flavours.
- Tastes and smells like nature’s real fruit.
- Complex but balanced.
- Round full flavour.
- Can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed.
- And since it’s Finlandia, it’s made with pure glacial spring water, untouched, untainted and unspoiled.
Carefully chosen and blended, Finlandia balances its pristine vodka with nature’s finest fruits to reveal the best notes of the peel and bold fruit flavour to deliver the true cranberry essence in the bottle.

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Tasting Notes

Nose: A spicy medley of raisin, ginger and vanilla. Taste: Hot with bold notes of caramelized cranberry peel, orange zest and dried fruit. Finish: Warm and big with a tart finale.

  • Style Flavoured
  • Alcohol Content 37.5%
  • Standard Drinks 21
  • Brand Finlandia
  • Region Of Origin Finland
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