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Prohibition Gin 700ML

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Experience the unparalleled excellence of Prohibition Gin, a masterpiece meticulously crafted to embody the clandestine allure of a bygone era while utilizing the finest botanical ingredients available. Our extraordinary blend begins with the infusion of wormwood, renowned for its association with the forbidden absinthe of the Prohibition era. Enhanced by the vibrant essence of blood orange and ruby red grapefruit, our gin boasts a refreshing citrus profile that elevates traditional juniper, coriander, and ginger root to unprecedented heights. We artfully introduce Australian lemon myrtle, delicately intertwining notes of green tea, vanilla, and lavender to impart a velvety smoothness and unlock hidden layers of flavor on the palate. The result is an exquisitely sophisticated gin with a captivating citrus zest and a satisfyingly warm, peppery conclusion that leaves a lasting impression. Discover the epitome of refined taste with Prohibition Gin, an extraordinary journey into the world of extraordinary flavors.

  • Style -
  • Alcohol Content 42%
  • Brand Prohibition
  • Region Of Origin Australia
  • Country Of Origin Australia
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