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 Canadian Club Whisky 700ML
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Canadian Club Whisky 700ML

(PLU #2005)

Product Details

Canadian Club Original1858 is our best-selling, flagship whisky. In 1858, when other whisky makers were filling customer's jugs from generic barrels, we chose a higher route. We wanted people to know who made it. So we branded our barrels with our name on it, as a signature of confidence and assurance of quality. A giant of Canadian whisky since then, Canadian Club is where most folks begin their whisky journey because we're smooth and easy to drink and pre-blended for a more refined taste profile. And Canadian Club is aged, longer than the three years required by law, in white-oak American bourbon barrels for a smooth, distinctive rich, oak flavour.

Tasting Notes

Spicy and zesty, complimented with hits of rich oak and sweet vanilla, pleasant sweetness.