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Malibu White Rum Liqueur 700ML

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Product Details

Iconic Coconut Rum this is a must have for many coctails or on the rocks.

Tasting Notes

Malibu White Rum with Coconut

  • Style Flavoured
  • Alcohol Content 25%
  • Standard Drinks 11.1
  • Brand Malibu
  • Region Of Origin United States
  • Country Of Origin America

About Malibu

It all began in London 1978, when a leading spirits industry entrepreneur was introduced to a light, coconut-flavoured rum drink by a friend who had brought it back from a trip to South Africa.

It was called Coco Rico, and they were amazed by its rich flavours and unique taste. The potential was clear – it tasted like summer in a bottle, and it needed to be brought to the wider world. Coco Rico soon became Malibu, and so the sunshine story began…

Over 40 years later, Malibu is one of the world’s leading flavoured spirits brands, used in iconic cocktails such as the Piña Colada and the Daquiri. It’s original slogan, “It comes from paradise and tastes like heaven”, still rings as true today as it did back then.

Malibu’s coconut commitment

As the iconic flavour for Malibu, they are committed to protecting coconut plantations and the communities that depend on it. Malibu’s Coconut Commitment, a five-year project that started in March 2020, striving to protect nature and the livelihoods of some of the small farming communities that depend on it.

The coconuts Malibu use in its flavour are sourced partly from the Philippines where coconut farming is a vital source of income for farmers and their families. However, falling coconut prices in recent years and limited use of modern techniques have led to inefficiency, resulting in a decline in yields and income for many farmers. Farmers also often struggle to access a marketplace that is dominated by third parties who cut down potential profits.

The project, which is focused on the provinces of Quezon and Camarines Norte, aims to transform cultivation and livelihoods by supporting safe working practices, collaborating with expert local partners to provide training and technical education, and developing innovative new ways to encourage long-term sustainability.

Malibu Lemon-Lime Soda

Deliciously simple, yet refreshing and perfect for any celebration.

Prep time: 2 mins
Mix time: 2 mins
Serving size: 1


  • 50 ml Malibu Original
  • 100 ml Lemon lime soda

How to mix the drink:

  1. Pour everything into a glass with some ice.
  2. Squeeze in some lime, drop in the wedge, and enjoy!
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